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Thank you for approving the 2015 budget for capital improvements to repair Cape's Dam.  Your investment in the river will create a legacy that future generations will remember you by, and the new and improved Cape’s Dam will protect our river from drying up. According to all published research the area around Thompson’s Island is critical habitat for the endangered Texas Wild Rice and Fountain Darters which require adequate water depth and quality to survive.  As you can see from the chart below, (by the Chief Science Officer of the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment:   Capes Dam creates three times the habitat (WUA-Weighted Usable Area) at Thompson's Island at water levels between 15 Cubic Feet per Second (CFS) and 200 CFS, and therefore we must preserve Thompson's Island by repairing Cape's Dam as soon as possible because we only have 100CFS now. 

San Marcos | Above Capes Dam | No-Dam
River Flow | Aquatic Habitat | Aquatic Habitat
(CFS) | (Square Feet) | (Square Feet)

  15                  |        38,480                    |       13,250          

  30                 |         49870                    |       17460           

  65                 |         68520                    |       22750           

  100               |        68620                    |       22610            

 135                 |        64910                     |      22480             

 170                 |        62350                     |      22940             

 190                |         52800                    |      22180             

 200               |         58760                    |      21760             

​I visit San Marcos several times each year because it has the best river in Texas. It is perfect for fishing, floating, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming.  The Halloween Flood of 2013 turned this area into a Federal Disaster Area, and left dangerous hazards to both visitors, and citizens of San Marcos at the remains of Capes Dam.  Please fix Capes Dam as quickly as possible to save the beautiful river environment around Thompson's Island for us and our future generations to enjoy.  We love San Marvelous because it is the only place that we know that we can be in the river any day of the year, because of its safe, clean, dependable water. Please restore the San Marcos River as a safe, friendly environment, by saving the water above Thompson’s Island.

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