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Introducing City Manager, City Council members, and stakeholders 
To Thompson's Island for the first time.  Since this is a new park it has been eye opening to see how much everyone loves the sight of Thompson's Island.

Council approved $1 Million to repair Cape's Dam
Clearly prioritizing the safety and environment in the river at Thompson's Island, the City Council approved enough money to fix this failing structure.

Updating City Boards about the Federal Disaster Area at Thompson's
With a portable 3D model we explained the current state of this area after the 2013 Halloween Flood.

Updating the Watershed Protection Manager and USFWS
We gave the primary stewards of the river a tour of the damage after it was declared a Federal Disaster Area.

Rio Vista Approval
After a similar dam failed in 2005 we were able to bring City staff and Council to the table to get the dam fixed in a way that maintained habitat, and made it safer.

Precious water depth has been lost with the travertine formation breaking at Cape's Dam on the top of Thompson's Island..


We asked the City Council of San Marcos to repair this dam at the heart of the newest park in San Marcos, and they approved $1 Million to fix it, but this has been delayed by protests by a small group that does not know that travertine dams created the habitat for the Texas Wild Rice long before colonial times.  This group is misleading the City staff about the value of Thompson's island despite consistent studies showing the value of this haven of clean, clear water contained by both natural travertine, and man made features.  We are here to keep people informed of the facts to assure that the future of the San Marcos River is as successful as it was in pre-Colonial times. . .

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Travertine dams, hydrology, local history